Techcract Automation Ltd in Nigeria

Techcract Automation Ltd was incorporated with the aim of rendering services in Automation, Instrumentation, Process control, electronics, Mechatronics and robotics. Over the years, Techcract Automation Ltd has been recognized for its excellent track record in offering customers with the best in-class service with satisfaction. We have never compromised on the quality of services provided to our customers. With our foreign-trained and experienced engineers (trained and certified), we are able to help save time and reduce costs on the expensive engineering phase of design project with good architecture approach, we also provide high quality products and services.

We also offer unparalleled training & development services in each of the fields of Automation & Instrumentation Engineering. Our Training programs have produced reliable and talented Engineers that have become the pillar of many Processing plants across Nigeria. Our trained Engineers cannot only design Automation/Instrumentation systems but can also troubleshoot for faults and correct them. This unique training approach has led to smooth running of many Process plants in Nigeria. Our training courses are well structured and designed to develop outstanding Engineers.


Our unique Services in Nigeria

Techcract Automation remains unrivaled in the field of Industrial Automation, Instrumentation & Process Control in Nigeria. Our unique staff strength with vast exposure and experience has made it possible for us to execute projects promptly, accurately and affordably.