Our Mission - Techcract Automations Ltd

  • To provide high-quality education, research and community services in the areas of industrial Control, plant and process design and Instrumentation.
  • To provide a high-quality, state-of-the-art education in Control, Automation, Mechatronics and Instrumentation Engineering that produces professionals capable of performing jobs in their fields of specialization at the Highest level of quality, competitiveness and professionalism.
  • To conduct research that expands knowledge in the areas of Control, Automation, and Instrumentation and to provide a high-quality graduate program that gives students a solid foundation in their areas of specialty.
  • To provide industry with a high-quality professional training, applied projects, and consultation services in the area of Control, Automation, and Instrumentation that is up-to-date and competitive worldwide.
  • To conduct research in process integration and control that will look into the niche of manufacturing companies, oil and Gas Sector & power generation. These technical activities and research will bring about intelligent computer control systems, robotics, industrial communication and automation.