Course Outline - Instrumentation & Process Control Training in Nigeria

Techcract Automation Ltd is a leading company in the development of man-power in the field of Instrumentation & Process Control in Nigeria. Our Training courses are structured to deliver both Classroom and Labwork (Full practical oriented) training.

1. Instrumentation technology

  • Introduction to Instrumentation
  • Industrial instrumentation technology


2. Equipment calibration

  • Introduction to Equipment calibration
  • Methods of Equipment calibration
  • Need for Equipment calibration


3. Instrumentation - Connection & Wiring

  • Introduction to Instrumentation -Connections & Wiring
  • Methods of Instrumentation Connections
  • Wiring techniques for Instrumentation


4. Field Instrumentation Earthing

  • On an uncoated conductive pipeline
  • On an uncoated conductive pipeline with protection rings
  • On a coated conductive pipeline with earthling rings
  • On a non-conductive pipeline with coating protection rings
  • On a conductive pipeline with earthing rings
  • On a non-conductive pipeline with earth electrodes
  • Measurement transmitter separate from the sensor

  • Sealing problem o Problem of fouling

  • Problem due to the pipeline not being completely filled

  • Failures due to transmitter measurement signal and HART communication


5. Vortex Flowmeter

  • Flow through the piping but no output signal from the transmitter
  • Flow through the piping but the transmitter output signal is incorrect
  • Output signal if there is no flow
  • Vortex ejection frequency output


6. Variable Area Flowmeter

  • Metal tube variable area flowmeter
  • Glass tube variable area flowmeter


7. Coriolis Effect Mass Flowmeter

  • Methods of operation and use of a Coriolis Effect Mass Flowmeter


8. Level Sensor Transmitters

  • Types of Level Sensor Transmitters
  • Setups and connections for Level Sensor transmitters


9. Radar Level Sensors

  • Types and use of Radar Level Sensors


10. Bubble Gauges

  • Types and uses of Bubble Gauges


11. Capacitive Level Sensors

  • On an uncoated conductive pipeline
  • On an uncoated conductive pipeline with protection rings

12. Tanks

  • Tank with a positive or a negative pressure
  • Tank material
  • Tank shapes


13. Guided Wave Radar Level Sensors

  • Uses of Guided Wave Radar Level Sensors

14. Pressure Sensor Transmitters

  • Types of Pressure Sensor Transmitters
  • Methods of Connection for Pressure Sensor Transmitters


15. Differential Pressure Transmitters with Flush diagram separator

  • Types
  • Methods of connection


16. Relative Absolute Pressure Transmitters

  • Punctured sensor diaphragm
  • Worn sensor diaphragm o Simple failures
  • Sensor covers
  • Connecting to the process


17. Temperature Sensor Transmitters

  • Types
  • Methods of connection


18. Resistance Thermometer (PT-100)

  • Types
  • Methods of connection

19. Thermocouples

  • Use of Thermocouples in the Instrumentation industry
  • Setup & connection for Thermocouples


20. Checking for Transmitter Failures

  • Troubleshooting steps and methods
  • Methods of failure testing and analysis


21. Electrical Supply

  • Electrical supply methods and techniques


22. Transmitter Fallback Positions

  • Managing Transmitters
  • Analysis of Transmitters Fallback positions

23. Measurement of Signal Polarity Reversal

  • Methods of measurement of Signal polarity reversal


24. Wiring of Remote Transmitters

  • On electromagnetic flowmeters
  • Configuring a digital transmitter by a console


25. Noise Problems - Transmitting Measurement Signals

  • Techniques for handling Noise problems when transmitting a measurement signal
  • Methods of achieving measurement accuracy


26. Actuators

  • Types of Actuators
  • Methods of connection of Actuators


27. Valve bodies

  • Types of Valve bodies


28. Problems of Servomotors

  • Pneumatic servomotor with diaphragm
  • Piston servomotor


29. Positioners

  • Electro-pneumatic positioners
  • Digital positioners


30. Solenoid Valves

  • Setup and management of Solenoid valves
  • Methods of connection of Solenoid valves


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